Applying Overcoat to Rubber (EPDM) roofing

How to apply the Overcoat roofing system to waterproof rubber (EPDM)

Surface preparation

Any dirt, soil or other contaminants must be removed from the roof’s surface before installing the Overcoat system. After the initial cleaning, the surface should be power washed and rinsed to remove all residual dirt and contaminates after which the surface should be dried.

Fill any cracks with Sharkseal multi-surface sealing adhesive and allow to cure following the product application guide.

Applying the Overcoat

A moisture-tolerant primer needs to be applied to the surface. Overcoat must be used within two days of primer application, if left any longer then the surface will need to be abraided before resin application.

Once the surface preparation and primer have been completed you apply the Overcoat system with a standard roller or brush at a rate of approximately 1.2 kg per square metre. The Overcoat layer will become instantly watertight and can immediately withstand rainfall. After 24 hours the surface can take foot traffic and a full cure of the system will take around 7 days.