Benefits of using an approved installer

Features and benefits of using an approved installer with your Allbase products on your next project.


Choosing an Allbase approved installer for your requirements will help you to meet your installation obligations in a timely and satisfactory manner. Allbase Approved Contractors are demonstrably committed to customer service and the compulsory training of their staff in the use of our systems.

The benefits of using an Approved Contractor are wide-ranging and briefly summarised below.


By using an Allbase approved installer, you can be assured that the contractor chosen will be competent and meet all relevant technical and safety standards, ensuring projects are completed safely and responsibly.

Cost effective

Rather than wasting money on a series of rogue contractors that pretend to be capable of completing the project, Allbase approved installers will achieve the results you need without any hidden fees.

Allbase installers work to a code of conduct that includes issuing customers with a written estimate and contract that includes labour and material along with outlining a timeframe for the project.


Allbase contractors have been through a comprehensive application process in order to achieve the approved status. The process includes previous installations and workmanship reviews, extensive product training, company financial checks along with client and financial references.


Allbase supports their approved contractors with specialist training in the techniques and skills needed to install our range of products and fully comply with current building regulations and standards. This also ensures continuity and guarantees that our products are installed to a very high standard.


To ensure client peace of mind and guaranteed system longevity, Allbase approved installers are backed by our Basecare installation guarantee.