Project lists

Use our Project Lists tool to plan your next job.

Overview and features

Our Project Lists tool has been specifically created to assist you in organising and estimating Allbase materials for upcoming projects. It conveniently keeps track of the necessary materials and provides a comprehensive overview of the total expenses associated with each project.

The projects list feature allows you to do the following;

  • Create multiple lists for different projects
  • Share lists with other colleagues or clients
  • Add to cart directly from Project Lists for easy ordering
  • Receive price alerts and promotions on the materials in your lists
  • Request estimates from Allbase sales

The project lists feature is currently available on our GRP Roofing website, Fibrecoat and our Contractor-only website.

Adding a product to a list

Creating a project list is really easy, simply navigate to the product that you want to save. Click the add to a project button located under the price. A box will appear asking you to select an existing project list or create a new one. Make your choice and click the “add to project list” button.

Once a product has been added you can either click the link on the product page or navigate to your accounts page where you can manage all lists and products.

Managing lists

Navigate to your account page and select Project Lists from the menu. From here you are able to create, manage and search from existing lists along with adding all the products to your cart for order.