Basecare cover claim

If the worst has happened and you have a problem with your Allbase products or installation then we want to make your claim to be as painless as possible. Please follow the Basecare claim procedure detailed below.

What you'll need

In order to process your claim quickly, you will need the following information;

  • The Basecare agreement number. This can be found on the documentation or by signing into your Allbase account.
  • Property address and contact details
  • Details of the issues with the surface and any actions taken to temporarily remedy the situation.
  • Images of the affected surface area showing any possible problems

Standard cover claim

If you are a DIY customer or a non-approved contractor with the Basecare standard cover and believe the Allbase system to be faulty then you need notify the The Allbase Guarantee Administration Department within 14 days of the discovery of a visible product related defect.

This can be done either online by logging into your Allbase account and clicking in the Basecare section of your dashboard or by contacting a member of our team either over the phone or via email, details or which are provided on the back of the guarantee.

Installation cover claim

If you have a Basecare installation guarantee then you need to make contact with the approved contractor within 48 hours of noticing any issues. If you are unable to make contact with the approved installer, then contact Allbase directly.

The approved installer will schedule a time to visit the property and perform a site inspection to ascertain the problem and take the best course of action to resolve the situation.