Fibrecoat Humidity Primer

Product information for the Fibrecoat Humidity Primer

Product overview

Humidity Primer is two component water based epoxy primer, used to prime and seal porous substrates including highly porous asphalt, concrete and wooden surfaces, prior to the application of Fibrecoat (base coat).

Humidity Primer is made up of both resin & hardener; once both components are homogeneously mixed together the primer will change to a white liquid. Designed to seal any pores within the surface of the substrate. The Humidity primer is compatible with moisture contents on the concrete surface up to 6%. Over a concrete surface with larger content of moisture or with risk of negative pressures, the application of 2 kg/m2 of the epoxy-cement resin, Technocem will prevent negative vapour drive from rising through the pours.

Once both components of the Humidity primer are mixed they can be applied via manual roller or brush application, ensuring even distribution of the primer to the surface. Humidity Primer cures in 12 hours subject to ambient conditions and forms a hard clear glaze on the surface. Apply the Fibrecoat (base Coat) onto the primed substrate no later than 48 hours after the primer has cured (white coating has become clear). If the primer is going to be left exposed for longer than 48 hours, broadcast dry 0.1-0.3mm silica sand at 0.5kg/m2 into the wet primer during primer application and allows curing as normal.

Drying times

Typical drying times at 15°C

Humidity primer should not be applied to surfaces when the temperature is below 5°C and below the dew point. The temperature must be 5°C and rising. Application of the primer should not take place when wet conditions prevail, or when condensation is present or will be present on the substrate during application. All surfaces must be sufficiently prepared and cleaned prior application of the Humidity primer. Typically surfaces should be high pressure washed with a biocide wash, free from contaminants and dry.

Appropriate PPE should be worn when Humidity Primer is applied. Product should be stored in the original containers at temperatures between 5°C – 30°C.

Product shelf life is 1 year, from date of manufacture and once the Humidity Primer has been opened both components (resin & hardener) must be mixed and applied to the substrate immediately.