Fibrecoat Porosity Sealer

Product information for the Fibrecoat Porosity Sealer

Product overview

Porosity Sealer is a single component, solvent based low viscosity primer designed for use as a general purpose primer for most well-dry porous substrates, normally concrete and porous cementitious surfaces. There is also a possibility to coat certain grades of PIR. Please refer to Allbase Technical Services for more details.

Porosity Sealer is a clear liquid with excellent levels of penetration and adhesion to substrates acting as a sealer/primer before subsequent Fibrecoat installation. It should be applied using a brush or short pile roller giving an even coating across the substrate. Take care to avoid excess application or product ponding in certain areas as cure times will be extended.

Drying times

Typical drying times at 15°C

Substrates must always be clean and dry before application of the Porosity Sealer. Do not apply if it is raining or rain is imminent. Porosity Sealer should not be applied to surfaces when the temperature is below 5°C and below the dew point. The temperature must be 5°C and rising. Application of the primer should not take place when wet conditions prevail, or when condensation is present or will be present on the substrate during application. Typically surfaces should be high pressure washed with a biocide wash, free from contaminants and dry.

Porosity Sealer should be applied on smooth porous substrates such as levelled concrete and smooth cementitious materials etc at minimum 200 g/m2. Substrates that are rough or highly porous require 300 g/m2 . If the coating, when dried does not have a gloss appearance, it means that the porosity of the surface is still not fully sealed and a further 2 layers of resin(150g/m2 is required)

The Fibrecoat (base coat) can be applied while the primer is slightly tacky but not wet. The liquid should not lift from the substrate on touch or underfoot.

Porosity Sealer cannot be used to prime non-porous substrates such as glass, metal, single ply, EDPM etc and cannot be used to prime damp/wet porous substrates such as Damp concrete & wet wooden decks etc…

Porosity Sealer has a strong odour and can be irritable to bare skin; therefore the appropriate PPE should be worn. Product should be stored in the original containers at temperatures between 5°C – 30°C. Product shelf life: 1 year, from date of manufacture.