Fibrecoat PU Primer guide

Product information for the Fibrecoat PU primer

Product overview

The Fibrecoat PU Primer is a single component, low viscosity primer/activator designed for priming non-porous surfaces such as exposed metal, PVC, old polyurethanes, polyurea coatings, glass and GRP before proceeding with applying the Fibrecoat system.

The primer is a clear liquid, applied manually via roller or brush as a wet film to the surface. The solvents evaporate leaving a matrix of molecules activating the surface of the substrate. After the primer appears dry, apply the Fibrecoat base coat.

Drying times

Typical drying times at 15°C

PU primer should not be applied to surfaces when the temperature is below 5°C and below the dew point. The temperature must be 5°C and rising. Application of the primer should not take place when wet conditions prevail, or when condensation is present or will be present on the substrate during application.

All surfaces must be sufficiently prepared and cleaned prior application of the PU primer as per Allbase site preparation recommendations. Typically surfaces should be high pressure washed with a biocide wash, ensuring it is free from contaminants. Ensure any oxidation layers are removed before applying the primer. Abrading the surface with a wire brush for example can also help give a mechanical key. Application of PU Solvent, prior to the PU Primer, will help to activate some non-porous surfaces, and so help to increase the adhesion of the system. Do not apply PU Primer during rain or when rain is predicted.