Fibrecoat PU Solvent

Product information for the Fibrecoat PU primer

Product overview

PU Solvent is a single component, combination of strong organic solvents manufactured specifically for compatibility with Fibrecoat. PU Solvent can be used either as a thinner for Fibrecoat (viscosity modifier, maximum at 10%) or to clean and activate certain non-porous substrates prior to the application of the PU Primer.

PU Solvent is a clear liquid, after cleaning the substrate thoroughly with detergent/ and biocide, the PU Solvent is applied manually by rubbing with a clean cloth or brush and is to be worked into the surface. The solvent helps to finally clean the surface enhancing dirt removal. Once applied the solvent evaporates leaving a clean surface.

When using PU Solvent as a surface activator, apply manually with a clean cloth or brush and work into the surface. Once the solvent has evaporated, immediately proceed with the PU PRIMER application.

PU Solvent should not be applied to surfaces when the temperature is below 5°C and below the dew point. The temperature must be 5°C and rising. Application of the PU solvent should not take place when wet conditions prevail, or when condensation is present or will be present on the substrate during application.

If using PU Solvent as an activator, all surfaces must be sufficiently prepared and cleaned prior application of the PU Solvent as per the Allbase site preparation recommendations. Typically surfaces should be high pressure washed with a biocide wash, ensuring it is free from contaminants. Do not apply PU Solvent during rain or when rain is predicted.